U.S. Attorney David DeVillers said the owner and physician of a Scioto County pain management clinic was sentenced for her role in a pill mill.

Margaret Temponeras, 55, of Portsmouth, Ohio, was sentenced for conspiring to distribute a controlled substance through the pain clinic and dispensary, according to a news release from DeVillers.

Temponeras was sentenced to 84 months in prison in the U.S. District Court. Temponeras was a physician at Unique Pain Management in Wheelersburg.

Court documents stated that from June 2005 to May 2011, Temponeras and her father, John Temponeras, 84, who also was a doctor at the clinic, took cash payments for each medical exam. Patients received monthly prescriptions for a combination of 120 to 150 15 mg Oxycodone, 120 to 150 30 mg Oxycodone and 90 2mg Xanax pills.

Patients were referred to Raymond Fankell, 64, of Wheelersburg, Ohio, who owned Prime Pharmacy, to fill their prescriptions.

Margaret Temponeras became aware that some pharmacies in the county declined to fill the prescriptions from their clinic so they opened their own dispensary.

John Temponeras and Fankell also have pleaded guilty in the case but have yet to be sentenced.