February 1, 2021

A man who identified himself as a biotech expert was arrested on a federal warrant charging him with introducing misbranded drugs into interstate commerce. According to a criminal complaint, Johnny T. Stine claimed that his main biotech effort was creating vaccines that attack cancer tumors and said he had used a similar method to develop his COVID-19 vaccine. He offered to vaccinate people for COVID-19 and also allegedly preyed on cancer patients, selling them untested “vaccines” to battle their malignant tumors. Read a news story.  Read a Department of Justice press release.

Source: SMP Resource Center

If you would like to get an approved COVID-19 vaccine, contact a trusted source for information. Check with state or local health departments to learn when and how to get the COVID-19 vaccine. You can also talk with your health care provider or pharmacist.

If you suspect Medicare fraud, contact Ohio SMP at 1-800-488-6070 option 7, use the “Report Fraud” button on this app or click here.