August 18, 2021


Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) empowers and assists Medicare beneficiaries, their families, and caregivers to prevent, detect, and report health care fraud, errors, and abuse through outreach, counseling, and education.  At the heart of the Ohio SMP project are our volunteers/peer educators who educate groups of older Americans in Ohio about illegitimate Medicare practices. Any Ohioan interested in volunteering as a peer educator may contact Jane Winkler at or 513-458-5523 / 1-800-488-6070Option 8, or select the Volunteer option on the App and provide your contact information.


Please join us via Zoom for an SMP Information session available the following dates:

Wednesday, September 22  at  10 AM

Zoom link:

Wednesday, November 10  at  11 AM

Zoom link:

Ohio SMP      800-488-6070