March 16, 2021

Home health care fraud can take many forms. You might be enrolled in home health services by a doctor you do not know, offered things like “free” groceries from a home health agency in exchange for your Medicare number, or switched to a different home health agency. You might also notice that Medicare was billed for home health services that were not provided or that were not deemed medically necessary by your doctor.

You can avoid experiencing home health care fraud with the following tips.

  • Carefully read your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) and/or Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to ensure they accurately reflect the services you received.
  • Work with your doctor to enroll in home health services and determine your plan of care; do not enroll in home health services with a doctor you do not know.
  • Do not accept gifts in return for home health services.

If you suspect Medicare fraud or errors, contact Ohio SMP at 800-488-6070 option 7, use the “Report Fraud” button on this APP, or click here.

Source: SMP Resource Center