October 15, 2020

Senior Medicare Patrol works to educate beneficiaries on protecting their personal and medical identity, and detecting and reporting health care fraud.

Protect – Guard Your Card – Don’t give out your Medicare number or other personal information to anyone you don’t know and trust.

Detect – Keep track of your doctor visits, lab work and prescriptions.  When you receive a Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) and/or Explanation of Benefits (EOB), compare the statements to your records of visits, lab work and prescriptions.   If they don’t match, report it.

Report – Contact your provider first to see if the discrepancy is an error.  If  you don’t get a satisfactory answer, contact us at the Senior Medicare Patrol.  1-513-458-5515 or 1-800-488-6070, option 7

This article is about scammers charging Medicare for services that were never provided.  The scammers are hoping you won’t review your statements, and Medicare will pay for the services.   Don’t let the scammers get away with it!  Be a detective!  Review your statements to ensure your Medicare account isn’t being charged for services you didn’t receive.