If only scammers posted an ad or told us what they were up to, we would know not to talk to them.

A Scammer’s Ad – Wanted – Personal information

  • Medicare Number

  • Date of Birth

  • Primary Care Physician

  • Social Security Number

But unfortunately they don’t!

Scammers try to reach us in many ways, but the telephone is a favorite.

  •  If you have caller ID and don’t recognize the number, don’t answer.  If it’s important, they will leave a message.
  •  If you do answer a call hang up if it isn’t someone you know, and don’t press any buttons even if they say it will take you off their call list.
  • Medicare will not contact you for your Medicare number or other personal information unless you’ve given them permission in advance.
  •  Medicare will never call to sell you anything.
  • If a caller tells you are eligible for “extra services” with Medicare, they may be looking to move you into a new Medicare plan.  Hang up and contact 1 800 Medicare to see what options are available for you.
  • If you have given out your Medicare number, contact Ohio SMP 1 800 488-6070. option 7 or (513) 458-5515.