January 12, 2022

Out with the old, In with the New…

It is the time for New Year’s resolutions, implementing healthy habits and seeking new opportunities for growth.  A great time to recall ways in which you may remain safe, protect your personal health information and avoid being a victim of Medicare fraud throughout the year ahead.

  1. Treat your Medicare card like a credit card, only sharing your Medicare number with trusted medical providers and loved ones.
  2. Review your Medicare Summary Notices (MSNs) for any unusual or questionable charges to ensure your medical record remains accurate.
  3. Do not answer phone calls from unknown numbers to avoid and minimize your exposure to scams.
  4. Contact Ohio Senior Medicare Patrol if you suspect Medicare errors, fraud or scams.
  5. Become an advocate for your peers this year; join the Ohio SMP team as a volunteer to prevent Medicare fraud.

May 2022 bring you good health and happy hearts,

Ohio Senior Medicare Patrol   800-488-6070